The philosophy behind C-Boat is to design and build extremely light yet strikingly beautiful boats that have a performance profile and sea keeping ability that is simply unmatched.

C-Boat utilise the highest tech materials available together with the most advanced racing yacht build techniques that are normally only reserved for top end race yachts. C-Boat is without doubt the Stradivarius of the chase boat tender market.


The c-boat team:

Jason carrington is world-renowned both as a professional yachtsman and as a race yacht builder. Over the years he has become almost legendary for his painstaking attention to detail and his relentless ambition to build the lightest yet most reliable yachts for the most challenging races in the world.

Angus blair joined C-Boat in March 2011 as design coordinator and stylist after working with Humphreys Yacht Design for over 6 years. He has a degree in engineering and a masters in naval architecture. Angus was intimately involved in the first C-Boat project.  Angus has a great eye for style and shares Jason’s relentless attention to detail.